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Sans AB Sheet-35(?)% Completed

Sans AB Sheet-35(?)% Completed

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Welcome to Author battles (the video game).

Author Battles! A fighting game project featuring the various sprite comic artists on Smack Jeeves! Coming a long way since our first attempts at the project Author Battles! Alpha will soon be released for testing. Story: In the Mobian city North Bluerock the last few years have been full of success, and so the citizens wish to celebrate by throwing a tournament! Many fighters are going to be present not only from around the world, but around the galaxy as well. While it has been something the citizens of Bluerock have been planning for a long time, its seems its gonna be more amazing then they could have ever imagined! "Author Battles Alpha" Expected Character List : Don(abro) Sonic Clyde(Josephk) FS(Josephk) Crome(Ryanmilla) Marley(Marley_Proctor) Honey(Marley_Proctor) Max(ShadowSaiyanXD) Sans(witswithme) Connor(lazerbeam) Amy Rose IF POSSIBLE

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Author battles (the video game) launches!

Posted by Ruan
April 24th, 2012, 3:37 pm
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Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Author battles (the video game)! Comics coming soon!

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