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Gokento Hyper Rush 2 Concept

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Welcome to Author battles (the video game).

Author Battles! A fighting game project featuring the various sprite comic artists on Smack Jeeves! As well as a few canon characters and then some! Coming a long way since our first attempts at the project, the Author Battles! Beta will soon be released for testing. As of febuary 2nd(moved up due to extra characters being added) Story: In the Mobian city North Bluerock the last few years have been full of success, and so the citizens wish to celebrate by throwing a tournament! Many fighters are going to be present not only from around the world, but around the galaxy as well. While it has been something the citizens of Bluerock have been planning for a long time, its seems its gonna be more amazing then they could have ever imagined! Cameos are also always needed for stages and other future purposes if you want to feature in the project outside of being a playable character just send me a pm! Im sure i can find a fitting place for anyone!!!

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Late Hiatus update*

Posted by abro
May 16th, 2018, 2:36 am
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SUP! Supporters of what will soon be a differently named project!

Unfortunately I was unable to meet the deadline i had set for myself yet again but the amount of time i endured without wifi I ensured i would be completing a decent amount of major tasks.

Thus, I finished most of the roster, being whoever I could finish as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Leaving us at a steady 24 char roster, (still growing) haven't had time to work on my own characters much but their time will come!

for now we have an abundance of new stages and a smooth steady 1.1 engine with new features!
Including an in game announcer, and a semi hyper rush some characters have called GO! moves.
Characters feel more complete, and playable despite little bug testing
(There is less, so they're harder to find. So pls let me know if you find more bugs)
Can no longer kill and opponent with a guarded focus attack, but it still dizzies
so if you land that impossible feat you can just KO with a flashier move
And recovery rolls are also easier to do nd come with many buffs to keep you out of stick situations when an opponent fails to juggle.

Incomplete changelog

-Complete (temporary) Interface overhaul
-soundtrack overhaul
-Longer Invincibility on recoveryRoll
-can now InstaGuard Off of recovery roll
-AI can rollRecover Now
-AI no longer charges at hyper speed
-Bhkevin debug
-grab timing nerfed for some chracter
-DPs are no longer air guardable (so dont jump in on an uppercut)
-Honey debug and revamp+josephks changes
-Sans complete overhaul
-max debug+overhaul
-Marley debug
+++FS debug+overhaul+++
-Claude debug+overhaul
+++secret character1 added+++
-Amy Complete finish+debug
+++secret character2 added+++
-Zaiku Classic * debug+overhaul
-Don Debug+overhaul
+++secret characters 3+4 added+++

these changes and many more that i forgot to write down were made and should be added to the Revamped website (as well as and sometime tomorrow after my last minute changes

That's all for now! thanks for checking in!

also Ill be changing accounts sometime soon Look for "Veloe" in the comments in the future as thats your new author! ... or yknow... me

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Character list *febuary 2nd"

Posted by abro
January 25th, 2018, 3:33 am
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The update was postponed so i could surprise you guys with a few more characters than expected as well as many other things you will discover in the release of the new build.

Im still being generally mysterious about this whole thing but hopefully this list will help build the hype! The characters within the expected list are all 100% finished despite a few bugs im currently weeding out as i post this!

Hope this news will help and ill have a bit more coming very soon!
Abro out!

"Author Battles Beta(pre story build)"
Expected Character List :

Amy Rose

Temporarily postponed characters include
MarleyV2<needs sprites but has been started>
Zaiku<getting a sprite overhaul>

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