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Danith AB Sheet
November 28th, 2016, 8:02 am

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It took 8-10 to make XD

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So prepared
Posted by
November 28th, 2016, 8:21 am

So here it is, after 8-10 days’ worth of work, Danith is finished along with a stage and audio clips. So Some unique things,
As this is later on (2016-11-26) he doesn’t have mine block or such old comics like that only retaining ablities from kirby and hoc comics.
Along with this comes my favorite mechanic; healing. To put it basic Danith is able to heal himself during battle but as such he is extreme vulnerable.
I had fun coming up with new attacks combos and made specific sprites to show which command inputs to activate these. Hopefully this isn’t too much.
The Audio clips feature 4 clips of my voice unfiltered and 1 with a younger sibling of mine, cause wynaut. Credit goes to every respected author even if unnamed. I also plan those tag team attacks but on a separate sheet (Also cause too much as it is already). I worked really hard to update, remake and all over improve but still keep his unique balance.
On another note is a lot of special intros…because I love intros and wins…don’t know why.
Well I’m not perfectly sure of all damage I made a few have pre-determined or so…:/

Basically the stats are

Health: Low, undetermined
Defense: Undertermined(enough to survive…)
Strength: “Dependent on Speed and energy” 60+
Speed: 135 (highest)
Audio Clips here:

Win Quotes(in text form):

75%> Health: "You have got to be kidding me...not a scratch?"
75%< <50% Health: "Hmm...Intriguing. I wonder if you were trying."
50%< <25% Health: "Good Match, much to my tiresome."
25% and Lower: "That...Was...tough. GOOD JOB! HUA HOH!"
Vs. Others Line 1: "That was something alright..."
Vs. Others Line 2: "I've dealt with tougher from shady sneezes."
Vs. Others Line 3: "Getttt DUNKED ON...sorry had to~"
Vs. Others Line 4: "I won? I WON! WAHOO!!"
Vs. Others Line 5: "I feel obligated to make a pun, but I rather knot."
Vs. Don Neo AB 1: "That was a good battle, especially for one who sent the invitation."
Vs. Don Neo AB 2: "So You're Don, Heard a lot about you online...didn't expect a pushover."
Vs. Don Neo AB 3 "That was an epic battle, let’s do that again sometime."
Vs. Shady: "See you have the decency to at least not break logic here..."
Vs. Shady 2: "You always were an easy oppentant on physical"
Vs. Shady 3: "Connor needs to hear this, I’m sure strength increase will motive him"
Vs. Shady 4: "Seems you outwitted me for a bit there, but as always I won"
Vs. Connor 1: "That was an unexpected surprise...but next time give it your all.
Vs. Connor 2: "Maybe if you weren't so stubborn and unopen you won't freak out so often"
Vs. Connor 3: "Word of advice, in a fighting game it's not just smacking but strategy too."
Vs. Connor 4: "There’s that fire, Gave me a workout"
Vs. Connor 5: "You sure worried me there, god when you go all out, its EPIC."
Vs. Connor 6: "How did you not win?! Gawd...luck of tee Irish."
Vs. Gokento 2: "Huh, I won? Wynaut tell me when the true Gokento is here"
Vs. Gokento 3: "I'd love to do this again later."
Vs. Gokento 4: "There's that's rough tough acquaintance"
Shin Gokento 1: "So this is you're "ultimate form", why is it a pushover?”
Shin Gokento 2: “That was amazing battle, let’s do it again.”
Shin Gokento 3: “How did I win?”
CCM: “Modern CC? Ha! Your Outdated~”
CCM2: “I did look like proto man, gawd how I’ve changed.”
CCM3: “That was Cee-lightful battle, for a clone”
Classic CC: “Poor naïve past self, at least you’re not past past past self he was insufferably stupid”
Classic CC2 “I didn’t expect you to be tough”
Sonic 1: “You’re too slow, Heh.”
Sonic 2 “I prefer Mario but still good match”
Sonic 3 “No wonder your Sega’s mascot.”
Shadow: “I like your style, even if that was easy”
Shadow 2: “That was a memorable fight! Heh, Get it~”
Amy: “I support Sonamy, just letting ya know.”
Josephk: “You seem familiar, maybe it’s just me but still.”
Josephk 2: “That was disappointing…don’t know why”
Vs. Self: “INSERT WIN QUOTE HERE! Because I beat myself~”
Vs Self2: “DanithCeption~ ooo!”
GD: You’re from Mineblock? I’m more HOC and KTD, but from the look of it, that could have been great”

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Reader's Comments:


Posted by witswithme
November 28th, 2016, 8:25 am

Not bad.


Posted by lazerbeam
November 28th, 2016, 10:00 am

You've been busy. These are awesome.

Posted by abro
November 28th, 2016, 11:07 am

I see You've put quite a but of work into this cc!

I'll be sure to implement him as soon as possible

Posted by SuperScratchkat
December 2nd, 2016, 11:41 pm

is there a new character template with the light/medium/strong attacks and so on? if there is, i cant find it

Posted by abro
December 6th, 2016, 4:14 am

@SuperScratchkat: my apologies ssk not yet, you could probably use one of the classic ones temporarily but im hoping ill be able to finish the new template today so keep an eye open

Posted by SuperScratchkat
December 6th, 2016, 10:28 am

@abro: thanks for the help! i'll be patient!

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